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What People are Saying about The Barn Doctor

We loved our old 1913 Gambrel-roofed barn but it was something of an eyesore.  Years of neglect had brought it to the point where we needed to either invest in renovations or eventually have it hauled away. We weren’t sure it was salvageable but Ted assured us he could do it -and boy did he!  It is beautiful and we are getting more use and enjoyment out of it than we ever thought we could.  My fear is these wonderful old barns, that are so ubiquitous now, won’t be with us forever.  As its current caretakers, it feels good to have restored our barn.  It stands a good chance now of being around for future generations.

Kevin Sharp
Manchester, Michigan

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I respect not only the many skills Ted Micka has that are required for barn preservation, and for his ability to analyze serious problems quickly—but also for his honest and trustworthy communication with the owner during all phases of the project.

Wayne Clements
past president, Saline Historical Society

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Ted’s work on my circa 1915 gambrel roof barn has been nothing short of brilliant. Whether it was rotting timbers, disintegrating foundation, or weight-bearing issues, Ted solved them all with methods that were, on the one hand, common sense, and on the other hand, executed in amazing fashion. Thanks to him, my barn remains a working, functioning barn and will be so for another hundred years.

Corey Rigoni
Renaissance Farm
Parma, Michigan

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We have turned to Ted Micka over a span of years as we have lived and progressed on two farms, the evaluation of multple barns, and the restoration and recovery of four barns. HIs ingenuity, tenacity, and practicality have combined old world skills with practical engineering to solve the puzzles of threatened structures and bring them back to life. We have, and will, always look first to Ted for help.

Dana Dever
Saline, Michigan

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Ted Micka, in his role as “The Barn Doctor,” has been a pleasure to work with over the last several years as he developed and then accomplished a preservation and rehabilitation plan for the large hay barn on the grounds of the Rentschler Farm Museum in Saline. Ted with his faithful companion, Roni, developed methods to stabilize the structure without compromising the historical integrity of the barn. Ted’s knowledge of post and beam buildings is second to none and I would heartily recommend him to anyone with such a structure.

David Rhoads
Saline Area Historic Society President

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Ted Micka, The Barn Doctor, did an outstanding restoration of our old (circa 1850-1855) decaying and unusable barn. His reputation in this area is the best and rated Number 1 in his field. He certainly proved that title with the results we obtained. We now have a very attractive, usable barn for our camper instruction program.

Don Klotz
YMCA Storer Camps

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If you are looking for someone to restore your old barn, look no further. Ted is a man of great vision. If you put your trust in him you will have no regrets. Ted came right out when we called him. He was able to give us a on the spot detailed estimate. He is able to break the job up into phases. He gives you workable options. Answers ALL your questions. He does superb work and takes great pride in his “workmanship”. People like Ted are almost like a lost art. The world needs more Ted’s in it. You can’t go wrong with Ted or his dog Roni.

Kurt & Antonette Tabor
Royal Oak, Michigan

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Ted Micka, The Barn Doctor, is a very honest and knowledgeable construction engineer. His innovative solutions to my barn’s serious structural problems following a destructive storm were well thought out, and meant to last. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I would recommend Ted’s expertise to anyone with an engineering challenge. He really does fine work.

Craig Taylor
Carleton, Michigan

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